About my research

My research focuses on how once successful, incumbent firms can adapt in times of disruption. During the 8 months of my research I apply innovation and organisation theories on the case of the newspaper industry in Northwestern Europe. Due to the increasing competition of the internet and mobile web, the traditional newspaper industry is declining and needs (radical) innovation to secure long-term survival.

By conducting a survey among 144 newspaper titles in nine European countries, I try to analyse in which ways newspaper publishers try to innovate in order to overcome this disruption.

My goal is to map how newspaper publishers can simultaneously pursue exploitative and explorative strategies, which requires a balancing act between exploiting the existing print product and experimenting with new products and business models.

One of the ways of achieving this is through organizational design, as described in the concept of the ambidextrous organization. I do not only look at organizational design, but also include the influence of organizational culture, leadership and alliancing in my analysis.

About me

I am a master student Science & Innovation Management at Utrecht University, The Netherlands. Next to studying innovation, I did a minor Journalism and worked as a (student)journalist for several websites. During the data collection of my research, I do an internship at the Netherlands Press Fund. On this blog I write – in Dutch – about my research and my internship.

For questions or comments, feel free to contact me on Twitter or LinkedIn or leave a comment on my blog.

Casper Wolfert


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